a park for L.A.

kleine kunstgeschichte*

*short art(hi)story

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this short (hi)story of art we told/tell, because we were invited by Dagmar Reichart and Davide Colombo, who curated the new agora, to show a park for L.A. in that context (cittadellarte, Biella, 2002).
when we started a park for L.A., 1999 in Linz/A and
Las Aceas/E, we wanted to prove/flop that it's possible to transform and disburden an abandoned, bedraggled
land in the center of a small village into a public park - owned by all the people of L.A.; just by producing, presenting and selling orange-art. it worked/workes.

click the orange to see how Linz and L.A. were linked then.. (OK, Centrum fr Gegenwartskunst - Linz,
21.May to 18. July 1999, invitation and curating by
Paolo Bianchi > LKW, things between life, kunst (art)
& work
with N55, Ross Sinclair, Faisal Abduallah,
Walter Pillar and ...