rudy'sgo inproject

digicam-project by luks ( ), Susi (textos) and his glasses, which are made by Rudy Project,
all shot in BAR PASODOBLE, Playa de Navia.

RUDY'S PROJECT works like that:
Luks, his digi-cam and sunglasses go out. whenever (since summer '98) they pass by EL PASODOBLE Luks gives to people he knows first his glasses, than his camera and says: "make a portrait of yourself, but you have to wear this glasses and lough". "for what is this?" the people ask, "for RUDYS PROJECT" Luks says and gives the person this page-url. "what is it?" the wo-man says, "it is just a try" Luks says, "but who knows, maybe later when we see alot of people, wearing this glasses and loughing, maybe we feel happy to be part of RUDY'S PROJECT".