m e c H o s

© 1997 by ian & tOmi

started to open their eyes when we saw them.
we see them since we can see and they never stoped
gawp at us. so we took pictures of them and began to
give them their body.

the mecHos told us that we shall build their bodys
and gestures exclusively with elements and colors from their
heads; now some of them are on their feet, they stand here
and feel overbored, still gawping at us. now they told us
that they wanna be animated. we think about it.

Where mecHo came from

How mecHo embodyd

rillo rillo
2body 2body
classspy classspy
laughpla laughpla
mechfly mechfly
missbaer missbaer
raccony raccony
runyrose runyrose
shyguy shyguy
twirly twirly
muchomec muchomec