H A R D  -  S O F T ´ N   F U Z Z Y W A R E


The philosophy of  S Y N C T A N K  Inc. is one of " a s t u t e   h o l i s m".

We believe in the natural synchronicity of the world.
We know our thought products are the definition
of suitability, usability and comfort precisely because
of this amazing grasp on social and economic trends.
Our inate knowledge of work oriented habits and tasks
executed each day by billions of busy computer users
is purely a result of intuitive learning and observational
processes we are only beginning to fully understand and
profit by. We require little research or elaborate simulation
software, because of this masterfully enlightened approach.
And just becuase we produce no actual products ourselves,
doesn't mean they won't be eventually exist thanks to many
fine reality engineering teams whose soul aim is to bring
the people of planet earth a sense of satisfaction
and trust in their digital life accessories.

SYNCTANK was designed and optimized for Mozilla
SYNCTANK's lab opens its artchives in march 98. CONTENTS © 1998 tOMI & Ian
SYNKTANK is a fruit of spanattach-culture. It was pingponged between BUREAULANDSCHAFT and CALCAXY in autumnwinter 1997.